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Myron I. Blumenfeld & Associates offers a full range of professional consulting services to small to mid-sized entrepreneurial companies engaged in the production or distribution of goods and/or services.

Whether you are a small, family-owned concern or a multi-national corporation, if you are experiencing difficulties resulting from rapid growth or decline in sales, MIBA's team of consultants can help you increase the effectiveness and profitability of your business.

We draw on a network of professional consultants who have more than fifteen years of success as line executives and/or consultants in their respective fields. We provide the expertise needed to solve whatever specific problems stand in the way of your company's continued health and growth - from developing or acquiring necessary management skills to implementing totally integrated management information systems.

Our mission is to help our clients manage their essential resources: people, information, cash, equipment, facilities and inventories. We design and help you implement customized systems, processes and procedures and provide ongoing support to insure that these management tools produce lasting, positive results.

We measure our success by each client's ability to successfully implement our recommendations; to continually improve on the effectiveness of these solutions; and to enthusiastically refer us to others.


Strategic Planning

We have helped numerous clients to prepare for and achieve profitable growth. We have:

  • Developed realistic but strong mission statements which helped management to focus all employees' efforts on the company's core competencies.
  • Directed the preparation of a five-year coporate plan for a mid-sized consumer goods company. The strategies developed resulted in a fivefold increase in sales over this period.
  • Developed and implemented a distribution strategy for Indonesia's largest retailer, resulting in consolidation from eight distribution centers to two, reducing DC turnaround time from two weeks to 24 hours with virtually no capital investment.
  • Analyzed and evaluated acquisition candidates for several clients and helped to successfully integrate the selected entrepreneurial company into the parent's organization.


Management Systems

Design and/or evaluate management information systems for companies of all sizes, including Inventory Management, Warehousing and Distribution, Purchase Order Management and totally integrated Enterprise Resource Planning Systems. Provide group and personal training at all levels to improve understanding of these systems and how to optimize their effectiveness. We have:

  • Assessed systems requirements of many clients and prepared Requests For Proposals (RFP) which were submitted to several software vendors. Assisted management in evaluating the responses and in selecting and implementing the system that most closely met their needs.
  • Designed and implemented manual and computerized management information systems for many entrepreneurial clients.


Cost and Profit Management

Evaluate company performance and assist clients in determining corrective actions to improve operating results. Prepare, or assist in preparing, realistic sales forecasts and expense budgets and in developing and implementing strategies to achieve projected figures. We have:

  • Reversed a four-year history of declining profits of a $20-million client enabling the owner to sell the company for four times the price offered before the turnaround.
  • Effected payroll savings of $500,000 by restructuring the organization of a $70M client. Both sales and profits increased as a result of the reorganization.


Organizational Development

Evaluate existing organizational structures to determine how to improve the quality, speed and effectiveness of communications and decisions throughout the company. We have:

  • Developed complete organization manuals describing corporate objectives, organization principles, general and individual responsibilities, standards of performance, personnel policies and employee benefits.
  • Trained managers to use these tools to increase profits, productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Assisted clients in determining job requirements for specific executive functions and in locating and selecting the best qualified candidates to fill these positions.
  • Designed and conducted training programs to improve skills and performance of people at all levels of client organizations.
    Programs have included:
    Supervisory Management
    Merchandise Planning
    Business Planning
    Inventory Management
    Decision Making
    Communication Skills


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